How many times have you heard the saying   "You are what you eat" ?  This is probably more true for the
student than any other profession.    A good healthy diet is needed for brain power just as athletes need the
proper nutrition for bodily strength.

Certain vitamins and mineral trace elements assist the brain to function effectively.   Among the minerals
which help us think clearly are zinc, selinium and magnesium.   The vitamins which are of benefit in this
regard include the B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.   White flour and turkey contain elements
which slow the thinking process, excess caffine should also be avoided prior to examinations and other
optimal thinking situations.

A simple piece of advice but often overlooked is to drink plenty of water.   Dehydration can lead to lapses in
concentration and feelings of dizziness.    It is advisable for the average adult to drink about two litres of
water daily.  This helps to flush out toxins from the bloodstream thus clearing the brain of substances which
cause the symptoms mentioned.  Alcohol must be avoided during exam times.  It causes dehydration as well
as the many obvious drawbacks.   Wait until your exams are complete  then enjoy a couple of well earned
drinks, if you are so inclined.  This can be considered as a reward for  abstinence during your exams.
Refrain from heavy foods such as
chocolate or sugar.  Sugar
releases energy to the brain in fast
bursts.  This can result in  mood
swings and pendulum like levels
of concentration.  Stay with foods
which release energy slowly and
These include vegetables, fresh fruit,
fish and meat.   Remember the
famous butler Jeeves, of P.G.
Wodehouse.   In a dilemma he would
suggest eating a can of sardines so
the good fish oil could lubricate the
brain. This always seemed to work.
Why Hypnosis ?

You may consider hypnosis a strange topic for inclusion in
the field of education. The
H word has been grossly
misunderstood since its inception.  When we listen to
certain sounds or look at some objects we find ourselves
"going into a trance".  This state of trance allows you relax
so your mind is better able to receive and retain new

Tony Dawson has written a light hearted poem concerning
hypnosis.  Indeed hypnosis by its nature will relax your mood
and let you feel light hearted about a situation which may cause
anxiety and worry.


"Relax, look in to my eyes and rectify your trouble.
See your problems blow away in a great gigantic bubble."
Who could wipe away your cares with gentle words like this.
No-one but your friendly mesmerising hypnotist.

If you have problems learning and can not concentrate.
Your hypnotist will help you study and get you to a state
Where you're at ease - it's such a breeze to recall at a rate
Which will amaze you and astound your best mate.

You can lose your inhibitions when you go upon a stage,
Performing songs and dances you could be the local rage.
Hypnosis may release you from an introverted cage.
It may start you entertaining to bring in your weekly wage.
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Discover The Value of Hypnosis

Many problems which interfere with our
wellbeing are caused by our inability to relax.  
If we teach ourselves bad attitudes and habits
in our early years they are difficult to
overcome later.  Learning  is key to a peaceful
and happy life.

We can relearn our way out of insomnia,
smoking, worry and a myriad of other nasty
situations using hypnosis to clear our brains
from negative lifestyles.

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